Portable Soft Spa Brands

Spa2Go Portable Spa

Made in China, Spa2Go is the most common brand of portable soft-sided spas, that can be found online through Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and major online retailers like Amazon.com and Overstock.com. Though it has fewer sizes to choose from, and receives the most mixed customer reviews, these are one of the world’s most affordable spas on the market.


The company who revolutionized the soft-sided spa market, Softub has been manufacturing spas in America since 1986, and continues to receive high marks from Consumer Reports tests. Additionally, Softub leads the way for energy efficiency, and innovative water heating methods. Comes in three sizes.

Super Tub

The sleek Super Tub is modeled after Soft Tub, providing a quality, American-made soft tub that has been well-received by customers. Comes in two sizes, and includes spa light and eight jets for maximum comfort.

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